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There is a wide field of candidates, but some Caribbean-American media see the New York City mayor's race as a battle of the Bills

Caribbean American Weekly and the New York Carib News endorse Thompson, but News Americas Now.com is backing de Blasio for his stance on immigration


	SENDER: Jared Lawrence McCallister

Anthony DelMundo

A battle of the Bills is taking place, according to Caribbean-American news organizations who endorsed Bill Thompson (l.) and Bill de Blasio (r.)  Both candidates marched in the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade on Sept 2. 

In the race for mayor, the score is Bill Thompson, 2 and Bill de Blasio,1, according to three of New York's leading Caribbean American-owned news media outlets.

Both the Caribbean American Weekly and the weekly New York Carib News are endorsing Thompson, while the daily News Americas Now.com website is backing de Blasio.

"I'm choosing Bill de Blasio for his plan for middle- to low-income New Yorkers, his extensive immigration focus and, most importantly, for his attention to the Caribbean-American community, unlike most of the other candidates including Bill Thompson, said Felicia Persaud, founder and CEO of News Americas Now.

"For us, the choice came down to the person with a real succinct plan for immigrants in this city," added Persaud, citing de Blasio's promise to fight for causes such as a city-backed ID card that will allow all residents - including undocumented immigrants - to access basic services like opening a bank account or signing an apartment lease; the end city cooperation on federal immigration "detainer requests" for all residents, except those who have been convicted of violent or serious felonies; and support for legislation to allow undocumented immigrants access to driver's licenses.

The Caribbean American Weekly statement on the mayoral race begins, "The Editorial Board of Caribbean American Weekly (CAW) strongly endorses Bill Thompson to be the next Mayor of New York City."

The article/endorsement discussed his Thompson's stance against stop-and-frisk, his call for more police officers, a promise to appoint a schools chancellor who is an educator, his goal to back Comprehensive Immigration Reform on the federal level and his desire to deliver affordable and effective health care and services for the elderly.

Under the Carib News headline, "Our choice for Mayor: William (Bill) Thompson, an earnest public servant, the weekly paper praised several other Democratic candidates, but called Thompson "a visionary" when it comes to education, affordable housing, and respecting the rights of all residents of the country," praising his stances.

The paper's endorsement also said Thompson is "head and heels above his opponents," noting that the candiate's the grandson of immigrants from St. Kitts-Nevis.

On Sept. 10, nine Democrats and three Republicans will compete in Primary Election for mayor.

The New York Campaign Finance Board has a voter guide featuring candidates' positions, in their own words. Visit http://bit.ly/nycvoterguide to review the contenders before Election Day.

The League of Women Voters also as a voter's guide. Visit http://bit.ly/thecandidates to learn more about the primary candidates.


Masquerade magic prevailed along Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway for Labor Day's 2013 West Indian American Day Carnival Association's parade on Sept. 2.

Among the masqueraders were the Sesame Flyers International "La Rivière" section and the Haitian-American "Phoenix Refined" masquerade band. Boosted by feature story in the Daily News' Caribbeat Magazine supplement on Sept. 1 - had both great showings on the route. Phoenix even got featured in footage on WABC- TV and Channel 7 and Fox-5 TV.

	Co-creator Carleen Ramlochansingh  (center)  is flanked band publicist Anne-Rhea Smith (r.) and masquerader Angela (l.) during the debut of the “La Rivière” section of Sesame Fllyers International at the 2013 the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade. Below, “Phoenix Refined” founder Kimberly Charles  (2<sup>nd</sup>  from l.) , bodypainted to portray La Sirene, a Haitian deity, with other members at the 2013 West Indian American Day Carnival Parade. It’s new band’s  second annual foray onto Eastern Parkway </p>
	<jaredmccallister@gmail.com> </jaredmccallister@gmail.com></p>

Co-creator Carleen Ramlochansingh  (center)  is flanked band publicist Anne-Rhea Smith (r.) and masquerader Angela (l.) during the debut of the “La Rivière” section of Sesame Fllyers International at the 2013 the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade. Below, “Phoenix Refined” founder Kimberly Charles  (2nd  from l.) , bodypainted to portray La Sirene, a Haitian deity, with stands other members at the parade. It’s the new  band’s second annual foray to Eastern Parkway event.

	<br />
	<jaredmccallister@gmail.com> </jaredmccallister@gmail.com></p>

Keith Getter © 2013

The WIADCA's many masquerade competitions yielded a crop of winners from around 35 adult bands and about 29 junior carnival bands.The Ramajay Mas band, and its portrayal of "Reflections of Carnival:

Then & Now," won the high-profile Adult Band (Large) group. And Shawn Antenor of D'Midas International and his "Musica the Spirit of Lake Guatavita" depiction captured the Adult King category.

Among the big masquerade winners was the Borokeete band, which captured first place in the Junior Medium Band category, band member Kay Mason's first place finish in the Adult Queen category and a second-place finish in the Adult Band (Medium) competition.

West Indian Amercian Day Carnival Association 2013 mas results

1st Place: Moreen Hartman

Portrayal: “Up Under Me”|
Band: BG Production

2nd Place: Michelle Russell
Portrayal: “The Devil’s Bride”
Band: Antoine International

3rd Place: Elizabeth Taylor
Portrayal: “Nannie Wine”
Band: BG Production

1st Place: Roland Guy

Portrayal: “Tanty Tea Shop”

2nd Place: Brian Hartman
Portrayal: “Congo Man”
Band: BG Production

3rd Place: Clarence Nurse
Portrayal: “Flight of the Jab Jab (Carnival Jab Jab)”
Band: Ramajay Mas

1st Place: BG Production

Portrayal: “Keeping Calypso Alive”

2nd Place: New Horizon
Portrayal: “SOS Captain , Captain the Ship is Sinking, We going down, down”

3rd Place: Antoine International
Portrayal: “When Hell Break Loose”

1st Place: Keisha Francis

Portrayal: “Sunshine of the Caribbean”
Band: Ramajay Mas

2nd Place: Debbie Parris
Portrayal: “Sunshine of the Amazon”
Band: Kaios International

3rd Place: Ketura Davis
Portrayal: “Diva in Disguise – Madame Ramajay”
Band: Ramajay Mas

1st Place: Michaud Bates

Portrayal: “Carnival Fury”
Band: Ramajay Mas

2nd Place: Audley Depieza
Portrayal: “Reflections of Trinbago”
Band: Ramajay Mas

3rd Place: Andy Goodridge
Portrayal: “Alpha’s Splendor”
Band: Evolution Mas

1st Place: Kay Mason

Portrayal: “Celebration of Darkness to Light”
Band: Borokeete

2nd Place: Vanessa Black
Portrayal: “Mother Ramajay”
Band: Ramajay

3rd Place: Takiyah Joseph
“Queen Mariana of Argentina”
Band: Pieces of a Dream

1st Place: Shawn Antenor

Portrayal: “Musica the Spirit of Lake Guatavita”
Band: D’Midas International

2nd Place: Larry Perinthies
Portrayal: “The Golden Sun God of D’Kingdom of Cusco”
Band: D’Midas International

3rd Place: Darryl Cox
Portrayal: “Tatanka Reflection of Mas”
Band: Ramajay Mas

1st Place: Deborah James

Portrayal: “Goddess of Africa Safari”
Band: Belmont Kids Connection

2nd Place: Camille Mitchell
Portrayal: “Dance Damselle Dance”
Band: Giselle Fritz & Associates

3rd Place: Trinity King
Portrayal: “D Poinsettia Princess”
Band: Aquarium

1st Place: Daryl Deboue Jr

Portrayal: “King of the Kwazulu Hunters”
Band: Belmont Kids Connection

2nd Place: Marlon Strong
Portrayal: “Protector of the Sun”
Band: New Generation

3rd Place: Dondre Simmons
Portrayal: “Mysteries of the Earth”
Band: Giselle Fritz & Associates

1st Place: Elysa Babooram

Portrayal: “Princess of D’Blue Feather”
Band: D’Midas International

2nd Place: Aaniya Johnson
Portrayal: “Princess of the Cherokee Valley”
Band: D’Midas International

3rd Place: Chyna Cambridge
Portrayal: “D’Midnight Princess”
Band: D’Midas International

1st Place: Travis Thomas

Portrayal: “Alladin”
Band: 1199 SEIU

2nd Place: Zachary Lincoln
Portrayal: “I Dream of a Dream”
Band: D’Midas International

3rd Place: Christian Rudder
Portrayal: “Alien Invasion”
Band: Peter Durrant & Friends

1st Place: D’Midas International

Portrayal: “East meet West Indian Fusion”

2nd Place: Giselle Fritz & Associates

1st Place: Borokeete USA

Portrayal: “Celebration”

2nd Place: Diamond Entertainment & Crew
Portrayal: “Bejeweled Blitz”

3rd Place: Carican Costumes
Portrayal: “7 Continents”

1st Place: Sherzell Production

Portrayal: “Blossom D’Enchanted”

2nd Place: Sesame Flyers International
Portrayal: “Kiddie Couture”

3rd Place: New Generation
Portrayal: “Wings Of”

1st Place: Val Adams & Friends
Portrayal: “Shortknee 500 Strong”

2nd Place: Backtard Mas Inc.
Portrayal: “Savages of a Dark Age”

3rd Place: Pieces of a Dream
Portrayal: “Kaleidoscope”

1st Place: T & T Boyz

Portrayal: “Eruption”

2nd Place: Borokeete International
Portrayal: “Celebration”

3rd Place: Raw Essence
Portrayal: “Caribbean Gems”

1st Place: Ramajay Mas

Portrayal: “Reflections of Carnival: Then & Now”

2nd Place: Sesame Flyers International
Portrayal: “Vogue: The Carnival Edition”

3rd Place: Kaios International
Portrayal: “Savage Paradise 2013”

For information about carnival results, send email to wiadcainc@gmail.com, visit www.facebook.com/BrooklynLaborDayCarnival and http://www.wiadcacarnival.org/, or call (718) 467-1797.


Want a sample of what took place on the Parkway? Caribbean-American marketing veteran Patrick Buddington, head of the IMC Media Group and the CaribZone.com website, posted a colorful array of 2013 WIADCA carnival photos on youtube.com titled "Saltfish on De Parkway," set to the Mighty Sparrow calypso classic "Saltfish." Visit http://bit.ly/saltfish to see it and sing along.


Bronx-based artist Laura James is coming to Brooklyn to take part in a group show at the Dorsey's Art Gallery to show off her creations - and a new children's book she illustrated.

The art exhibition, "Women's World II: A Tribute to Women Everywhere,"

includes the works of James (whose parents come from Antigua), Diane Davis, Willie Mae Brown and Tabitha Theogege. It opens on Sept. 8 at the gallery, located at 553 Rogers Ave. (between Fenimore and Hawthorne Sts.), from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

"When Anna Gets Water," a children's book set in Jamaica and illustrated by artist Laura James, will be the focus at some upcoming book readings and signings.

The show closes on Sept.. 29 with a book signing for "When Anna Carries Water," an Olive Senior children's book set in Jamaica and illustrated by James, who is known for her Ethiopian Christian-style paintings.

The book, by the Commonwealth Prize-winning Jamaica-born author, follows the life of a young Jamaican girl who overcomes her fears through determination, will be available on Amazon.com and other outlets beginning on Sept. 15.

As part of the book’s promotion, James will attending other events:

  • The Children's Book Art Fair (in conjunction with Harlem Art Walking Tour) on Oct. 12, at the PS 149 playround area, 41 W. 117th St. (at Lenox Ave.), from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For information, email javakasmith@gmail.com.
  • A “Play Kids” event on Nov. 2 at 676 Flatbush Ave. (between Hawthorne and Winthrop Sts.) in Brooklyn from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Email playkidsstore@gmail.com for information.

For information, call (718) 771-3803 or (718)462-9425. For more on James, visit http://www.laurajamesart.com/.


Take 2013 Trinidad Carnival Soca Monarch co-winner Super Blue’s “Fantastic Friday” as the competition tune and add 10 top-flight steel bands and you get the West Indian American Day Carnival Association’s 2013 Panorama contest.

And if you want to know more about the event, the “When Steel Talks” website – the place to go for information about steel drums, steel bands, musicians and the history of the instrument – has plenty of Panorama information, including Panorama performance videos.

	The CASYM Steel Orchestra beat nine other bands to become 2013 Panorama champs.</p>

Pearl Gabel/DAILY NEWS

The CASYM Steel Orchestra beat nine other bands to become 2013 Panorama champs.

The winning CASYM Steel Orchestra, the musical ensemble from the Caribbean American Sports and Cultural Youth Movement, took on 9 other groups. The bands, in order of their finish behind first-place CASYM, were: 2 - The Pan Sonatas Steel Orchestra,  3 - The D’Radoes Steel Orchestra,  4 - Pan Fantasy,  5 - The Despers USA Steel Orchestra, 6 - The Adlib Steel Orchestra,  7 - The Pantonic Steel Orchestra, 8 - (tie) The Crossfire Steel Orchestra and  8 - The Harmony Steel Orchestra, and 9 - The Metro Steel Orchestra.

For “New York Panorama 2013 WST Video News Clips,” which include videos of the band performances by the bands, introduction of the judges and the annoucement of the winners, visit http://bit.ly/2013panoramavideos

The site also has detailed 2013 New York Panorama results and past results as far back as 1974. Visit http://bit.ly/2013panorama.

For more onWhen Steel Talks, visit http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/ and http://panonthenet.com/.

	Caribbean Cultural Fest co-host Kevin Hughes (r.),  former president of the Virgin Islanders United chats with USVI’s Addie Ottley of 1340 AM WSTA radio in St. Thomas during the Sept. 1 Harlem festival.</p>
	<jaredmccallister@gmail.com> </jaredmccallister@gmail.com></p>

Caribbean Cultural Fest co-host Kevin Hughes (r.),  former president of the Virgin Islanders United, chats with USVI’s Addie Ottley of 1340 AM WSTA radio in St. Thomas during the Sept. 1 Harlem festival


The United States Virgin Islands’ effort to shine some light on the territory’s many tourism offerings got two thumbs up – through successful promotional initatives in Manhattan and at the West Indian American Day Parade.

Beverly Nicholson-Doty, commissioner of tourism  who also serves as chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, spoke about the achievements in a recent Facebook page post.

“Many got to know a lot more about the U.S. Virgin Islands from our information stand on Eastern Parkway,” said Nicholson-Doty, reporting that the booth at the Brooklyn parade on Sept. 2 and the territory's participation at the Virgin Islanders United’s Caribbean Cultural Fest in Manhattan on Sept. 1 both went well.

“More than a million revelers danced, ate and took in the unique cross-Caribbean vibes mixing so joyfully at the West Indian American Day Carnival Association Labor Day festivities in Brooklyn, and a day earlier at the Caribbean Cultural Fest presented by Virgin Islanders United (VIU) in Harlem.”


Experience Haitian culture through the serene pastel, oil and watercolor art works of Haiti-born Yolène Legrand in the exhibition “Rendering the Moment,” which runs now through Oct. 30 at New York University’s Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South in Manhattan.

Opening reception for the show, curated by D. Mia McBeth, will be held Sept. 30 , from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the Kimmel Center’s eighth-floor Stovall Gallery West.


"Fisherman, Freeport, L.I." and Tetede Femme (below) are samples of art works by Yolène Legrand, who is exhibiting at New York University in Manhattan.

	<br />
	<jaredmccallister@gmail.com> </jaredmccallister@gmail.com></p>

Legrand, a former the Art Students League of New York and NYU Stern School alumnus, has exhibited in American, European and Hatian galleries and museums. And many of Legrand's works are in corporate and private collections. 

Call (212) 998-4950 for information about the exhibtion, and to learn more abut Legrand, visit http://www.yolenelegrand.com/.


The Jamaica Tourist Board wants people to eat up “Potluck,” its new cooking-centered series tat gives viewers the opportunity to experience Jamaican cuisine in their homes.

“The Jamaica Tourist Board is happy to partner with the Rousseau sisters on this initiative, which showcases the cultural diversity of our destination,” said John Lynch, Jamaica’s director of tourism. “Our hope is that this series will entice and engage visitors with an interest in Jamaica’s rich culinary heritage, which has been heavily influenced by our multicultural legacy.”

The 12-part series, which debuted Sept. 5 and will air every other Thursday on the JTB’s YouTube channels, was created by sisters Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau to focus on the cuisine and culture of Jamaica. The veteran caterers host the series and online activities will be planned to coincide with the series.  Visit the JTB’s Island Buzz blog –  http://bit.ly/islandpotluck –  for more information on the series.


A chance at a better education – and a better life – is the goal of the Society For The Advancement Of The Caribbean Diaspora’s Caribbean-American Scholarship Fund, which is currently seeking support through an online fundraiser.

There are a little more that 20 days left to contribute the online benefit and help meet the society’s target of about $40,000 for the fund. The organization is using the globalgiving.org website to raise the money.  

The SACD  scholarship fund aids economically disadvantaged Caribbean-American students in Brooklyn. Starting in June 2014, the society' plans to give ten scholarships a year. Applicants must be  undergraduate college students or trade school students.

Visit www.globalgiving.org/projects/help-caribbean-students-get-a-college-education to donate and support the educational effort.

To learn more Information on how to apply for a scholarship., go to http://www.sac-diaspora.org/.


Get in on the entertainment excitement at the Apollo Theater and attend free live, tapings of the “Apollo Live” TV show’s second season on Sept. 14, 15 and 16.

Last season, a celebrity panel of judges – including Barbados-born hip-hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh,  R&B legend Gladys Knight and Michael Bivins of New Edition, Bel Biv DeVoe (BBD) and hot Tony Rock – were featured on the show, which returns this year to BET and Centric TV networks.

To sign up for free addmission, RSVP at http://bit.ly/apolloliveseason2.


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