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Entering a new market is a complicated process and requires a clear understanding of local culture, behavior, language, and foreign business regulations and practices.

IQ Inc. Global Consulting provides market entry services to help companies successfully establish and develop a presence in foreign markets. We offer a worldwide network of resources to help with your global expansion. With a team of professionals across four areas, we are positioned to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in your target market.

Market Research   Entry Strategy & Planning
* Market feasibility studies
* Market overview and analysis
* Business opportunities identification
* Competitive intelligence
* Questionnaire design, execution and analysis
* Qualitative and quantitative research
  1- In-depth interviews
  2- Focus groups
  3- Online surveys
  4- Mail surveys
  * Develop product strategy for localization
* Partner search
  1- Distributors
  2- Suppliers & buyers
  3- Joint ventures
  4- Franchise and consortium partners
* Facilitate contract negotiations
* Perform due diligence
Branch Office/Subsidiary Set Up   Marketing & Promotion
* Business formation
* Location set-up
* Interim management and hiring of staff

  * Marketing communication strategy
* Public relations and media planning
* Advertising and promotional campaigns
* Product launch planning and execution
* Trade show representation


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